⨉ Welcome!

Welcome to the official site of Dash! I started learning html in november of 2022 and it has been my favorite hobby since then!


Blaseball :)

Email me if you have questions! dashontheweb@proton.me

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About Me!

Dash | 19 | He/She

Hi my name is Dash and this is my neocities! I am in school to be an artist and computer scientist! probably bit off more than i can chew there but thats a future me problem. Web design is really different from the art I normally do but its been a lot of fun figuring it out! i am so grateful to my friends who help me and learn with me!

To Do:

  • update button
  • get onionring set up for the webring
  • make welcome page
  • add old pages (art recipes etc)
  • replace marquee with js
  • switch nav style
  • fix mob
  • fix about
  • fix art
  • add more of my art
  • add links page
  • fix explode

repeating patterns!

I drew all of these feel free to use them on your website!