Site Updates:

19.3.23forgot to add a link to the quiz section of my website. its there now lol

13.3.23 I've started writing about my day in the blog section of my website. inspired by zach of course.

10.3.23 I've finally fixed the art page! the layout is functional now! hopefully I will add a lot of new images there soon!

05.2.23 So basically most of my site is functional, now I am just slowly working on adding back more art and games and things. I haven't been able to do a lot lately since classes started back up, but I did make one pretty big change! Me and my friend Alice have been trying to figure out how to make personality quizzes and such on neocities (most quizzes we've seen use php which is not available here) and we finally made a working one with javascript! the code is completely free for anyone to use and I did my best to make it readable and easy to customize. Anyways here on my site I have a couple examples, there's a tutorial video posted on youtube, and of course the source code is posted on github. If you use it to make anything/if you need help with the code please let me or Alice know! I'd love to see what people make with this :)

22.1.23 I am officially done with the layout of the blog page theres not much there yet but feel free to check it out!